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Vampire Knight [entries|friends|calendar]

Let's see. Ummm...23 year old graduate. Likes reading, music, anime and mangas amongst other stuff. Currently developing Photoshop skills, job hunting and generally trying to get on with life. Basically, just being the normal, boring, next-door character in town.

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New Layout [Jun/21/06 at 13:11pm ]
[ mood | cheerful ]

New layout by Insomnikat and Roark28!! I simply love this one!!! Hino Matsuri's latest series and I simply love it - the manga, the art, the characters! Zero Kiriyuu is such a hottie!!! Currently my most favourite male character. He's definately the better kind of shoujo heroes out there compared to loads of other mangas. Kurusaki Ichigo comes a close second on my list.
Thanks insomnikat, for setting up the layout for me as well....you are a real star ^_^

Currently, I'm learning how to edit using Photoshop. I think I have got the hang of cleaning scans in general - but cloning and typesetting just dont like me. I keep locking layers and I havent the faintest clue as to how I do that? I only managed to successfully clear text from a bubble using the lasso tool and I have no idea how to do it again. I was merely experimenting with it - Bingo...I get rid of the text, but the next minute all the energy goes down as I realise I have no idea how I just did it. But Im still happy. I have wanted to do this for quite some time now, and finally as my university life is over - I can concentrate on these things for a while. Using photoshop has also perked my interest in learning how to make colourbars, avatars, animated gifs and layouts...I have tons of stuff already visualised in my head. And I cant wait to get started on those.

Its been a long time since I posted anything here, but last month was sort of a toughie. After the end of exams, I had to immediately house hunt for a while and move home. That took a long time and was such a tedious job. I hate shifting.

For now, I think I'll go back to photoshop. And if anyone has any tips or pointers, please do share them. I find them quite useful ^_^

Another update [Apr/30/06 at 14:54pm ]
[ mood | cranky ]

Yes!!!! Finally, got around to adding all my fanlistings here. Now this goes in the memories section, so I remember, what I joined...I havent seen some of these in like eons...o_0

This isnt the complete list though. It took a while to figure out codes and stuff, before I played around with the rich text editor and found the easier way of doing it. I am a bit cranky with the amount of effort I put in it and got no where, when really it was quite easy. So I'll update the rest of my listings later or as I feel.
I also realised that a few of the fanlistings I had joined have disappeared off the net...can't find them. I joined too many when I first started, and now I cant remember which they were. Such a pain...

Fanlistings [Apr/30/06 at 12:40pm ]
[ mood | working ]

I joined three more fanlistings yesterday, then realised there are so many fanlistings, I am part of, and most of them I have forgotten about. Not really an update or a rant as such, but I thought, I'll add all the fanlistings I have joined in the memories section. Once I have figured out how to use the LJ fake cut of course!

I am still upset with my mouseys :( they seem to have grouped up...Sleepy mice has mended itself, but I am still having trouble with the other two...I hope I can sort them out.

Much Better!! [Apr/20/06 at 12:12pm ]
[ mood | bouncy ]

This layout is so much better than the previous urks!! I like the look of this, although I might experiment with the colours later. Although I am still unsure about the blurb part.

I dont think I will write much in here as of yet, but I really want to set up this account properly first. That means, updating memories, as well as seeing if I can add more friends to my list, since I read a lot of blogs, and most of them always have the most awesome fanfics ever!!

So I will be playing around with this for a while. Easter hols get over tomorrow, and although Uni opens on Tuesday, I havent finished all my homework yet *which sucks, by the way* And exams start on the 8th of May...I have just about 2 weeks or less!

Oh, insomnikat, I added you on my friends list as I do read your blog. I am usually too lazy to post a comment...hope you dont mind.

Onto the memories section now...

Hmmm... [Feb/13/06 at 21:00pm ]
[ mood | sleepy ]

25th January...long time since my first post. *Yawns* Am sleepy. Getting up at 6.00 am in the mornings and travelling to Uni is bothersome. I want some stable incoming finance, my own place and a life in general.
Enough of the student life...*Still yawning* I wonder how long Ill actually keep writing in this blog.

First Post [Jan/25/06 at 18:53pm ]
[ mood | okay ]

First ever post on LJ after more than half a year's signing up for one. I must be the only person to do this. Still getting used to how the journal works, hence the basic look. I have seen really good blogs and backgrounds on this site, which I think must have taken quite a while to do so. However,I'll eventually get around to doing it. And putting some more stuff here. Note to self* Deadline set for updating this blog again, next Wednesday. See how far you go.

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